State certified yellow fever vaccination centre
State certified yellow fever
vaccination centre


In your family and specialist private practice at the Rothenbaum.

In the heart of Hamburg, in the Harvestehude district, we offer you state-of-the-art high-performance medicine.

Still feel secure in the personal reception, without waiting times and time pressure. With us, you, the patient, are the centre of attention. We help you to diagnose and treat your illness through detailed diagnostics and personal consultation.

A highly qualified network of specialist doctors is available for questions and therapy.


Testing for Sars CoV-2

We perform daily antigen tests and PCR tests with CT value determination. Nasal/pharyngeal swabs are taken, you will receive the result in writing on the same day, provided that the test sample was taken by 11:30.

The costs are only covered by private health insurances and subsidies in justified cases. The costs for self-payers are 15 Euro (antigen test), or 80 Euro (PCT test in German or English).

Antibody Testing for Sars CoV-2

We determine the antibodies to Sars CoV-2 quantitatively from cappilar blood (blood from the fingertip or earlobe) on a daily basis. You will receive the result after 15 minutes. You do not have to come fasting for this blood test, we determine the antibodies regardless of the time of day during opening hours.

Vaccinations against Sars CoV-2

We vaccinate daily against Sars CoV-2 with the current variant-adapted vaccines "Biontech Pfizer "and "Moderna". Since 07.04.2023, these vaccinations are no longer infinite, but are reimbursed by private health insurance companies as part of standard care.

We test daily for SARS CoV-2 (Covid 19) by means of a throat swab. Please register in advance by phone at +49 40 445570.

If there is a well-founded suspicion after returning from an area with frequent illnesses, OR direct contact OR an infection with cough (even without fever), please tell us IMMEDIATELY on the phone!

The throat swabs should be taken by 11:30 a.m. so that they can reach the laboratory Dr. Heidrich and colleagues quickly. You will be informed of the result by WhatsApp, email or telephone if you wish.

The last appointment of the week is Friday 11:00.

You will also receive a result on Saturday.

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How to find us

Rothenbaumchaussee 131 exactly between Hallerstrasse and Hansastrasse.

Directly opposite the tennis courts of the "Club an der Alster”.

By public transport:
U1 to Hallerstraße, exit Hansastraße,
bus 15 to Hallerstraße,
bus 34 to Hallerstraße,
700 metres from Dammtorbahnhof in the direction of Eppendorf,
500 metres from the Außenalster in the direction of Rotherbaum,
700 metres from Klosterstern in the direction of the city centre.

Parking spaces are available on the premises.